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Friday, August 19, 2016 Update

Not everything stays the same and not everything on the web will be free.

Certainly those of us who have been around for awhile remember when so much was free. 

Software was created for the pure fun.

Then Google came around and eventually created their Keyword Planner.
A great tool to find keywords that you didn’t think of and see their response rate.

Now all good things come to an end.

Google has announced reduced usage for everybody and Adword spenders that
are not spending enough money.  That lack of data you may not recognize is a restriction.
Not spending enough cash on Adwords?  This change will reduce your chances
if you do not know how to use Google analytics or use another analytic product. 
In the end, the analytic company win, being able to sell more of their product?

What do you use?  Email us manager@seo-tool-store.com and
let us know what you use and why you like it.


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July 25, 2016

Unique Sets of Free Tools for SEO Pros

Some of the handiest tools to check different SEO aspects like MozRank Checker, Page speed Analysis, and many other useful checks to do before you start your SEO strategy are located at h

SEO Automatic: Although we are not big fans of automatic SEO programs, this site has many useful offerings. http://www.seoautomatic.com/unique-tools/

Grab Eyes! The SEO-Tool-Store can create a video for you for your social media posting that won't break the bank.

Pintrest SEO
Check out this aggregation of data on Pintrest SEO and SEO.  Great library.

SEO To Sell Internationally
Add a Landing Page to focus on terms that relate to the countries you want to sell in.  A landing page for each language or country is preferable and will produce the best job possible.  Translating pages should be done by marketing people from that country.  It’s hard enough to write smashing copy, let alone hope it translates locally.  Use of street language and possible misinterpretations could easily wreck your campaign. Test your campaign before it flies out the door or risk embarassment.   Create inbound links to your site with Social Bookmarking Tools and Foreign Directory Submissions.

Unique images for use in websites, social media posts, blogs and video.
Images added weekly.  As low as $0.24 cents.  Model Released.
Unique Stock Photo Imagery for your blog, website, or even paper promotions.

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