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Thursday, March 5 Update

Best Free Password Program.


 Video.Shock.Media for eye candy content you get fast.
 Need some eye candy for a lecture?  Give you time to get the message out?

This is a quick service so you can get back to work. 

Nominally priced, these videos are affordable for:

  • Lectures
  • Edited into Videos
  • Website Sliders
  • Content for SEO

Video posted on social media is a 24 hour / 7 day salesperson for your business.

NO Credit Card Required.
Purchase HD version only if you like your video.

Head over to >>  Video.Shock.Media


Need A Strategy To Start Your SEO? 

Directory Listings

- Get legal passive links to your site to raise credibility and increase traffic.  Directory listings are very important to long term website health.

Social Engagement

- These sites are used by viewers to only find information delivered to their browsers of what they are interested in.

                                   Looking for qulaified leads?  You found the right tool.

SEO To Sell Internationally
Add a Landing Page to focus on terms that relate to the countries you want to sell in.  A landing page for each language or country is preferable and will produce the best job possible.  Translating pages should be done by marketing people from that country.  It’s hard enough to write smashing copy, let alone hope it translates locally.  Use of street language and possible misinterpretations could easily wreck your campaign. Test your campaign before it flies out the door or risk embarassment.   Create inbound links to your site with Social Bookmarking Tools and Foreign Directory Submissions.





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