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No services guaranteed.  We offer tools for submission based on your original content.
Only content produced by SEO-Tool-Store is guaranteed to your satisfaction. Distribution of that content is governed by third parties and out of out control.

Since third party website owners must approve directory submissions and other services based on critera you submit in your behalf we cannot be responsible for their approval.

Be sure to review your keywords, search the keywords you use and allow time.
Be sure to practice white hat techniques.
Remember to mix your media since one submission or one type of submission is likely to not have a big impact on your search status. Consistency in submissions, a media mix where newsletters are combines with social bookmarking, or new landing pages and new directory submissions are combinations that compliment SEO effort

Finally time is a big factor for internet promotion. As a user of this site, you understand that consistency, new and original content is tantamount for success.




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