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Completion time: ~4 Weeks

Combine the power of social bookmarking with directory submissions to gain relevant backlinks quickly.  Relevant backlinks are important while backlinks not related to your product or industry could hurt.  We will build relevant links for your business easily and quickly.

We have combined Directory Sumbissions with Social Bookmarks with a frequency over a period of 4 weeks. That keeps your site in front of the spiders and visitors to social sites. That frequency over a period of time is an important white hat link builder.

  • 1600 Directory Submissions 
  •  800 Social Bookmarks
  •  Over 4 weeks



Harry Hirschman
5 of 5 Stars
Nice package that worked very well for us. I was very skeptical but I have learned a valuable lesson about time and doing this right. Very nice package and will use your services again. We are still getting traffic it was a very nice spike.





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