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Phone Contact / Link Building


Eight hours of Link Building Phone Calls with Matching Emails From Your Client List by our Experienced Staff.

Our staff will create a link building script for a phone call and two emails that:

  • initiate a business relationship
  • relationship building phone call
  • convert to a back-link and list

It is not a secret, Google who supplies 65% of search requests wants you to link with other businesses that are allied to your keywords and business focus.  

It Make Sense!

You want a non-competitive link that is allied to your product that helps the client. With your business data we establish those relationships.  These are critical business partners that establish your product with a set of criteria that helps your ranking while hopefully gaining new clients through your specialized links we establish.

At the end of eight hours we will present you with a list of links with reciprocal links and one-way links.

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